Pet Contract

​Thank you for choosing SC Palmetto Dachshunds for your new companion.

As we try very hard to ensure all of our puppies adhere to the base standard of the breed, from time to time a puppy does not or we decide pet placement is better. In this case we pet out a dog to maintain breed integrity. We also acknowledge that not all have interest in breeding and showing their dogs. This is another reason we will offer our dogs as pets.

Below you will find the terms regarding your pet contract, discounted price varies.

You buyer, are choosing to purchase your new puppy as a pet. As stated, you do not have any breeding or show rights to your puppy. Buyer also understands at no future time can papers be acquired. Buyer agrees that dog or puppy will be spayed or neutered at the appropriate time as discussed with presiding veterinarian. If puppy is not altered or bred, we have the right to refuse future purchases or referrals and seek legal action under breach of contract. Your breach of contract suable amount is                   plus all legal fees and a 50% of profits associated with litter/stud fee in comparison of the full price of the dog and breach of contract fine of $1000. Please keep in mind that even though we have chosen to place your puppy as a pet, the same love and care has gone into raising them. They still receive all worming and vaccinations, this is non-negotiable. We do not sacrifice care due to a difference in price. We hope your new friend will bring you years of laughter and joy.  


The seller certifies upon receipt that the dog/ puppy has been immunized and wormed according to accompanying health record and is eating, drinking, pooping and urinating. Our puppies come with a one-year health guarantee on life threatening genetic conditions only. Buyer has the right to have the dog checked within 3 days by a state licensed certified vet at your expense to certify health.  Health guarantee is voided if not done. Any condition that is correctable, treatable by medical means or surgery or minor breed related is not covered (hernia’s, retained teeth, Cryptorchidism etc).  Buyer must submit letter from vet stating issues found. Seller does not guarantee against any worms or protozoans. Seller does not guarantee any contagious disease diagnosed after 5 days. Seller will not be responsible for harm caused by buyer while dog is in their possession (broken bones, heat stroke, poisoning, child rough play any accidents of any kind etc.)  Seller does not replace or refund dogs/puppies due to landlord disapproval, family disagreement, allergies, any issues arising from unagreed purchase, dog rejection, rough handling from children or others, or life event issues. Dog/puppy can be returned and/or we will help you re-home them but no refund will be given. Health guarantee is nontransferable if dog/puppy is rehomed without our knowledge. Buyer will be responsible for any and all cost concerning returning dog/puppy (gas, time, plane ticket etc.)  We strive to breed quality healthy dogs and help better the breed but we do not guarantee any dog to be a breeder, show dog, free from minor non-life-threatening faults such as CDA, uneven bites, and faults in conformation. We don’t guarantee life span, size or color. Registration certificates will be mailed to you as we register all our dogs and microchips and do not give out the applications to protect our lines.  Health records will be given at time of sell.

Deposit Contract


Thank you choosing Palmetto Dachshunds for your new best friend. Below you will find the terms of your contract.

You (buyer) are choosing to put down a
NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT. I (seller) agree to hold this deposit and hold the dog/puppy until time of pick up. It is the buyer’s responsibility to insure they are ready with money and transportation at time of pick up. Boarding fees are charged at a daily rate of $10 after ready to go date. All vet expenses and worming’s will be charged extra on top of boarding fees. Pick up or delivery is buyer’s responsibility.

f your dog/puppy comes with papers, we register all our puppies and the registration certificates will be mailed to you and is included in the cost of your puppy. We do not hand out registration applications.

If the event of death happens to dog/puppy in seller’s possession seller will refund deposit.

We reserve the right to cancel/refund your deposit at anytime if we feel that the home is not best fit.

If buyer fails to come up with remaining balance you will forfeit your deposit and I reserve the right to refuse future business.

I have read and agreed to above terms by placing/sending this deposit in person, threw mail or online you are bound by this contract.